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Drakkar is an action game where you take the role of Erik, a viking that has been contacted by the gods and was told to to collect the three objects that will let him become the king of his people: the parchment of wisdom, the Caesar laurels and the trophy of war. But he will not face his path disarmed, the gods have given him a shield that will protect him from the Roman arrows.

Erik has travelled back in time with a magical drakkar (the ancient viking ship) and has to pass a forest that takes directly to ancient Rome, where there are his goals, but first he must consult the gods (in the game presented in the form of dragons) as the order for collecting the objects varies depending on the game.

Our hero is armed with a truncheon and shield that has been given by the gods, but the biggest drawback is that such a weapon (plus the axes that he can get later) serves only to certain enemies, while in other occasions he should just avoid any kind of contact with them.

The first group of enemies, namely the ones that can be destroyed, belongs to bats and the Roman soldiers armed with swords, maces or arches. The second group belongs to snakes and rats from the forest, fish in the ponds, the notes to the angels of heaven, which in addition to subtracting energy to Erik, leave him immobilized at the mercy of their enemies, and chandeliers, that although lethal, can just be found in the rooms near the parchment.

But not everything was going to be bad for Erik, and so, besides the shield of the gods and axes, he can also recharge part of his energy through pears and fish, succulent delicacies have been distributed for the comprehensive mapping.


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