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Election is an arcade adventure as you try to become Prime Minister released at the time the UK was having its own election in 1987. You have the choice of five candidates based on real people at the time, Matcher (Conservatives), Ninnock (Labour), Paul (Idealists), Owing (Alliance) and Pig-Iron (Alliance). Once you have selected your candidate it’s time to go out into the big wide world viewed from above and flick-screen, and attempt to get 101 votes or more to get the majority needed to become Prime Minister.

You travel around the area trying to convince people who roam around the various screens to vote for you by talking to them, picking up manifestos or picking up various icons. You move your candidate around with the joystick and to complete other actions you select options from a menu like take, drop, give, ask, order, canvass and slur. If you come across a manifesto you must take it back to your HQ before placing it in a special location shown by a map provided with the game. Icons you will come across on your travels will increase your credibility, celebrity, slur fellow politicians and give incentives for your party members. The hardest route is a clean campaign but taking the easy route of dirty tactics can work against you as the other politicians start a dirty campaign against you.


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