Electronic Colouring Book

No brushes, no paint, no mess, no fuss…

…but hours and hours of fun. With the Electronic Colouring Book you sit and watch as your ‘paintings’ are displayed on the screen before you.

With 18 pictures to choose from, and a palette of 35 different colours, you’ll hardly know where to start, but once you do you’ll find it difficult to stop. Painting has never been so easy: areas of the picture fill with colour at a touch. There’s a whole range of versatile features for you to try – although simple to use they will add interest and enjoyment to your artistic efforts! You can:

choose between joystick and cursor control
change the colour scheme of your pictures to any one of thousands of others
add details to any of the pictures, or even draw pictures of your own!
save your finished paintings to display at any time
The Electronic Colouring Book is simple to use, but the results are so fascinating and spectacular that it is sure to appeal to anyone from 6 to 96. In fact, children will probably have a hard time getting their parents away from the screen.


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