Elixir is a platform game where the player controls Cyril, a chemist who swallows a powerful reducing agent which causes him to shrink to the size of a bottle of aspirin. Now Cyril has to search his chemist shop for an elixir that can turn him back to normal size, if only he can reach it.

The chemist shop is full of shelves laden with bottles, boxes, pills and potions and the gameplay involves finding a route between these by walking, climbing and jumping. There is also some puzzle solving which involve collecting objects that are then automatically applied at the appropriate position. Before reaching the elixir Cyril has to first collect 40 red vitamin pills that are located around the shop. Pills of other colours can also be collected and will have different effects on Cyril. Cyan and magenta pills slow down the speed while blue ones increase it. Yellow ones are fatal and have to be avoided while green pills will cause Cyril to fall of platforms. Other things that need to be avoided are various moving objects such as flash bulbs and lipstick missiles as well as dripping acid and oil.


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