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The planet Erebus has been developed by Earth into a giant refinery to turn it’s waste into useful gases and chemicals and is fully automated with rare interaction from humans. It has been noticed in recent times that the nearby planet Hadebus, sworn enemy of Earth, has been sending space crafts to Erebus. Further investigations has found out that the Hadeans are using the refinery to produce a toxic nerve gas that can wipe out the human race. You have been chosen to fly through various levels of the refinery and destroy the alien crafts to save mankind.

The game is a horizontal shooter viewed from above with the screen scrolling to the left or the right when you move. You must blast any alien craft you encounter while avoiding them or their weapons and if you are hit then you lose one of three lives. Touching any of the scenery or buildings also loses a life. Each level is made up of sections surrounding a dimension duct and you must fly over every section to open up the duct. A small map of the sections is shown on the bottom right and when every section is green then the duct will open. You then play a bonus game where you on on the left of the screen and alien crafts fly from the right. You can only move up or down to avoid or shoot the craft and the aim is to last 30 seconds before moving to the next level.


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