Every Second Counts
Amstrad CPC

Every Second Counts is a computer game based on the popular UK television show of the 1980’s.
This is a quiz show game for either three couples or six individuals, single players compete with a computer partner, where contestants compete to win seconds, not points. The player with the most seconds takes part in the final round where those seconds are the time they have available to compete. There are six blocks of questions so the game can be played six times before some categories come up a second time. The game consists of:
Round 1: True or False
This round consists of nine True / False questions. Player 1 from each team takes it in turn to answer a question. A correct answer gains the player’s team two points, an incorrect answer scores nothing and knocks the team out of this round. Play continues until all questions have been asked or until there is only one team remaining.

Round 2: True or False
This round is identical to the previous round and is played by Player 2 from each team

General Knowledge Bonus Round
Both team members play in this round. Questions are asked and the team has ten attempts to answer correctly. The bonus starts at ten points and decreases with each incorrect answer

Round 3: True or False
This round is identical to Round 1 with four points for a correct answer

Round 4: True or False
This round is identical to Round 2 with four points for a correct answer

General Knowledge Bonus Round
The format and scoring for this round is the same as the previous bonus round

Final Round
The team with the greatest number of seconds competes in this round. The team chooses one of two categories of question. They take turns in answering a series of six questions within their time limit. If all questions are answered correctly then they team is presented with a further set of seven questions which they attempt to answer within the remaining time.
At the end of the final round the team’s score is displayed on the Every Second Counts trophy screen.


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