Football Glory

Football Glory is a Sports game, developed by Croteam and published by Black Legend, which was released in Europe in 1994.

Football Glory is yet another average kickabout-in-the-park when compared to the Wembley Stadium of Sensible Soccer, but is no threat to serious threat to Sensi in the final reckoning. Overall, it’s not a bad game – trivial (but annoying) faults aside. There are plenty of options you can mess around with, competitions to enter your team in, and creating your own leagues and cups is always fun. And if you can persuade a mate or six to join you will find yourself playing along quite happily. It’s just that when you’ve been playing Sensible World of Soccer all month, this along with almost every other football game, pales in comparison.

It plays an okay game of football, and I do like the overhead kick ability because it works very well. The speech, even it there is only one example of it is good as well. On the other hand, the aftertouch is absurd, the computer opponents can vary from stupid to world class during the same game and the special moves don’t ready work (mostly because you don’t have the chance to try for them before you lose possession of the ball).

Ah, well, never mind eh? A nice try, but in the end it just doesn’t have the right combination of options, new features or gameplay that it really should have to be number one.


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