Amstrad CPC

Frontline has everything you might want from a combat game, alternate two player option, 8-way smooth scrolling, and very realistic graphic representations of tanks, jeeps, and buildings. You start you campaign on Level Zero, the easiest of the levels which become subsequently more difficult. You start at a fire rate of about 2 bullets but picking up the blue bullet packs from the battlefield sees your fire rate rise to a maximum of eight. Excessive use of bullets leads to a reduction in fire power. Extra grenades lie in the green packs strewn around the battlefield. The object of the game is to enter the grounds of the laboratory which gives plans to achieve access to the next level. At the final level the laboratory holds he plans for the Enemy’s new weapon and finding the plans sees you successfully complete the game. A pass is needed to enter the laboratory grounds and this is hidden somewhere on the battlefield of each level.


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