Gates to Hell
Amstrad CPC

Gates to Hell is a 2D platform game set in the near future with bright and colourful graphics. A few old computer gurus have learned about Bill Gates’s goal to alienate humanity with a new computer operating system: Windows to Hell (W2H). The player’s character is an Amstrad user who has been recruited to infiltrate the Microsoft facility and infect the central computer with a dangerous virus to destroy all source code.

The game consists of more than 150 screens divided over three levels. They are single-screen rooms connected both horizontally and vertically to form a large environment using the flip-screen mechanic with an amount of freedom to explore. The player’s character can only move around and jump while avoiding enemies such as snakes, parrots, bats, arrows, killer monitors and hazards such as dangerous drop of liquid.

The first level starts in the forest where the company’s bunker needs to be located. A key will be required to get in through the entrance. In the second level the central computer needs to be infected. Other computers have already been targeted, but not the central ones. The character has a health meter and in this level there are a few Z80 computers that can be picked up to restore some health. In the third level W2H is destroyed, but the character still needs to exit the facility. There is a countdown with time pressure and many traps to avoid. When all health is gone, the game is over. The game has exploration with some minor environment based puzzling with keys, lever and computer terminals.


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