Commodore 64

Genloc is a platform game similar to Hawkeye. The scientist Dr. Klein has created a “genmanipulated dragon” which has escaped from his lab. The hero, Shimon, must now destroy the dragon eggs to stop the beast from breeding. The game consists of three levels. On each level the player must travel back and forth, in order to find and destroy eggs that appear one at a time. On his way, Shimon is menaced by undending hordes of respawning enemies of various kinds. The creatures can be avoided or shot with Shimon’s gun. Shimon’s energy, represented by a hourglass meter, gets depleted when he comes in close contact with the monsters, but it slowly regenerates on its own after a while. There is also a time limit, which is replenished once the player finds an egg. Running out of energy or time, or falling off the bottom of the screen, means losing a life. After a specified number of eggs is found, the monsters disappear and a dragon boss appears, which must be killed to complete the level.

Published in 64’er 1994/10, and in 64’er 1998/11.


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