Graham Taylors Soccer Challenge

Graham Taylor’s Soccer Challenge is a Football Management game, developed and published by Krisalis Software, which was released in Europe in 1992.

Big sporting events are quite often responsible for the release of quite a few computer sports games. Krisalis haven’t missed the bandwagon either, with their Graham Taylor-licensed management game.

You are placed in the driving seat of a hopeful third-division side trying to break through to the higher divisions (and win one or two cup matches to boot). As well as the usual picking of team member and organising of training, you also have to do some nifty dealing to keep your side together.

Graham Taylor’s Soccer Challenge is a very slickly produced footy manager game, with more options and features than your usual management sim. Even though there is a lot of game content, the game still manages to offer a lot of smooth presentation to keep you interested. The match-day sections are well done, replacing the usual tiny, badly-animated sprites with some very nice-looking football.

Although the game is not exactly Player Manager, it is still a worthy attempt. If you’re a budding Graham Taylor, then this could have you plugging at the league for some time. Just remember to put three men up front when you are playing Sweden!


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