Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants
Amstrad CPC

The mutants are back and this time they’re faster. In your Mk.II Fighter you have to stop the Raiders flying across the planet and picking up Earthlings and turning them to Mutants when they reach the top of the screen. When all Earthlings are gone then it’s game over.

If you shoot a Raider holding an Earthling then it will drop him. You have to catch the Earthling and place him back on the surface. Other aliens to worry about are Hive, Dynamo, Technofighter, Firebomber and Lure.

To help you in your fight you have a long range scanner, smart bomb, energy cloak, Hive convergence indicator and hyperfate.

Guardian II is a Defender style 1 or 2 player horizontally sidewards scrolling shoot-em-up where you can go left or right. The joystick is used to steer your ship while the fire button fires your weapon. As well as your main playing area you can also see your radar, score and lives.


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