The Wild West is at its wildest! Outlaws have driven the townsfolk out, stolen the deeds to their properties and taken over the town. Only the sheriff is left to recover the deeds. One man against a gang of ruthless outlaws, and that man is you.
Search out and kill the ruthless gang of outlaws and return the deeds to the honest townsfolk. Earn a bounty for each outlaw killed and a bonus for each deed found. More bullets can be obtained from the sheriff’s office, but you can only carry six at a time. Extra lives can be purchased from the “Doc’s” at $500 each. For a little light relief in between shootouts, you can gamble in the local casino.
Watch out for the Red Indians; they are real sneaky and try to avoid the potholes – some of them are ten feet deep.

How long will you survive as a Gunfighter?


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