Amstrad CPC

Jorund, king of the Vikings, and father of our protagonist, has fallen for the deceits of Loki, Viking God of the lie. This deceit had as consequence the confinement of Jorund in the kingdom of Lukx, from where nobody has ever returned.

Because of this deceit the Viking king has profaned the prohibited garden of the Norns. In there are found a great part of the treasure that the Gods keep jealous, as well as some of the nymphs more beautiful than ever a human eye has contemplated.

Before such attractiveness, Jorund fell for the deceit of Loki and profaned the garden. The wrath of the Gods fell on him and their punishment did not take long: they would border to him to perpetuity to the kingdom of Lukx, where their inhabitants would give good account of the bones of our protagonist.

But Hundra was not resigned to that her father died in that exile, and therefore, could not reach Valhalla, paradise of the viking warriors.

Decided to change the fate of her father, she went to the Viking Mount Olympus where she convinced the Gods that her father had been deceived. They admitted their mistake, and saw that the punishment had been excessive; but their decisions were irrevocable and there was no way to save Jorund from his terrible end. Hundra offered to go to the kingdom of Lukx, and gather three sacred gems, stolen a long time ago from the Gods, to rescue her father.


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