Huxley Pig
Amstrad CPC

All Huxley Pig wants to do is go to bed and daydream about being a pilot, chef and sailor. Problem is that he has left the front door open which has let in creepy crawlies and various characters who have hidden his toys and pilot, chef and sailor outfits. All items must be collected before Huxley can go to bed and have his special daydreams.

Various items must be collected so Huxley can walk past the characters who are blocking parts of the house to collect items which will help him complete his mission. Beware of touching the creepy crawlies and characters as your energy will slowly disappear, but it can be topped up by getting the bread in the kitchen.

Huxley Pig is a side view item collect game. One room is seen at a time and the screen flicks when you enter a new room. As well as the main playing area you can see a sandwich which is your energy level, your score and speech bubble which shows the next item to collect.

Once the game is completed you can participate in three mini-games. Huxley’s Airways, Pizza! Pizza! and Speedboat.


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