Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Amstrad CPC

The sacred and powerful SANKARA STONE has been stolen from the Indian village of Mayapore and the village children have been captured by the ruthless high priest Mola Ram and the subversive thuggee guards. Indy’s quest is to recover the stone and free the children. Only you can help him. An exciting arcade conversion that will keep you enthralled for hours.

INDY stumbles across the remote village of MAYAPORE in India which was once protected by the sacred and powerful SANKARA STONE. Devistation followed the theft of the stone and the children of the village disappeared. INDY discovers them enslaved in the evil PANKOT PALACE – the home of the Maharajah. The palace is the secret worshipping ground for the THUGGEE death
cult. MOLA RAM the ruthless High Priest has forced the village children to dig in the THUGGEE mines for precious gems and other missing SANKARA STONES.

The action takes place below the palace where INDY is pursued. He uses his whip to swing across dead and crossways and defend himself against a variety of hazards.

The player assumes the role of INDIANA JONES in his quest to recover the SANKARA STONE.


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