Jai Alai
Amstrad CPC

“Jai Alai” is a game based on the Basque Cesta Punta (from the Basque “zesta-punta”, also called Jai Alai which roughly translates as “joyful party”), a sport original from the Basque country which is very popular in the whole Spain, but also to a lesser extent in some regions of the United States since the early XX century, the times of the European migrations, and in Mexico, Philippines and France, for example. While Jai Alai is one of the names of the game, it is also often used to refer to the gameplay zone, the court or “frontón”, specially around southwest USA.

The games are disputed between two teams (composed of two players each one), on a three-walled court. The ball is sent to the front wall where it rebounds and one member of the opposite team has to catch it and send back to the front wall. The ball can rebound on the left and back wall, but there’s no right wall as in other related Basque ball sports. With a scoring system somewhat similar to the one of table tennis; in it, we will be able to score if we are in possession of the serve, while in the opposite case we will only be allowed to recover it.


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