Jimmy’s Soccer Manager
Amstrad CPC

Jimmy’s Soccer Manager, named after its developer, is a football management game. The player manages Kettering Town of Division 5 (the same as the real-life Conference) and must lead them to league and cup glory, climbing through the divisions.

The player begins with a squad of 13 players, and must select 11 of these to form the team (formations are not considered). Players can be transfer listed, which allows CPU teams to bid on them, although bids for any player can be received via telephone at any time. When signing players, there are three available each week, although only one bid may be placed. The cost of admission to matches can also be set. Players will occasionally contact you to request wage rises.

Matches are played through via a constantly moving timer, with the score and goalscorers displayed as they change. There is no training, or substitutions during the matches.


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