Jump Jet

Every pilot has the dream of flying one of these unique and complex fighting machines. Here is your chance to do what few pilots have the privilege to try.

Depending on your skill, confidence and courage, you have the choice of remaining near the landing pad, learning to hover and land, or venturing higher to practise your approaches. When you think you have mastered these, then accelerate the Jump Jet into an attack fighter. Use the radar and range finder to seek and destroy the enemy, by launching heat-seeking air-to-air missiles. Beware! His radar and missile systems are as good as yours. Reckless pursuit is ill-advised: you must maintain a fuel level that will enable you to relocate and return to the aircraft carrier, executing the skills you have learned to achieve a successful landing.

You are now ready to proceed to the next skill level to face additional hazards, such as unpredictable swell and treacherous cross-winds.

Be warned, this program is not a toy or game. You will need to co-ordinate your hands, eyes and mind to successfully complete each mission. Do not hope to achieve in a short time that which took the author three years to learn as a Jump Jet pilot, and over a year to record on this computer program.


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