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You begin on a blue pyramid which hangs, like all the structures in the game on a background of deep space It looks very pre tty, although the colours are a little on the vibrant side As in all games of this type, movement is diagonal – you will probably find that the keys give you a better chance, as the joystick can be slightly unresponsive

It’s pretty easy to figure out the route Frank will take on this screen, so there’s little difficulty in progressing to the second – un – less you get too enthusiastic and leap off the edge into the the wilds of space.

The next structure is almost a square, but it has some tricky holes in it to make you think a bit more about where you’re going. This time, though, it’s yellow.

And so you go on, with different structures of different colours, bouncing around to colour each square. There are only six screens and the pursuers will increase by one each time you complete them. Jumpman is by no means a bad version of Q*Bert the graphics are pretty slick the sound is suitably springy and the whole thing is carried off with a certain amount of panache. But i* must be said that it isn’t quite in the class of Microbyte’s ErBert. However it is a budget game. You pays you money and you takes your choice.


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