L’Aigle d’Or
Amstrad CPC

L’Aigle d’Or is an action-adventure game and the first episode of a series.

Start by giving a name to the hero (depending on the version) and enter Eagle’s Castle in Westphalia, treasure seeker! And be warned, many died before you and start by buying equipment, such as a rope, for example. You can now start to explore the castle, room after room. It may be wise to draw a map, since they look quite the same. In some of them, you’ll discover secret passageways.

You move using the arrow keys and start actions using the first letter of the verb. For example, hit the “O” key to open a treasure chest. Collect items, keys and gold coins, use medicines if you need them, and beware of traps and monsters hidden in the castle. But remember, your aim is to find the Golden Eagle.

Amstrad CPC version has enhanced graphics end sounds.


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