Lazer Silk
Apple II

In Lazer Silk, you play as a spider who rules over an elliptical web. Flower petals, flies, and wasps will intermittently blow in from a central vortex, and deposit themselves in your web. The spider can move across all quadrants of the spider web, and gains points by collecting flies and flower petals. If they are not cleared quick enough, they will leave a hole in the web which can not be traversed. If the spider touches a wasp, they will lose a life. Other spiders will descend vertically through the web, and they must be avoided. Small chewing insects will invade the web, and chew pieces out of your home. There are even enemies that incessantly chase the player.

Players gain bonus points after each stage, dependent upon how many items were collected. The player starts with 5 spiders, and when they are lost, it’s game over.


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