Meurtre a Grande Vitesse
Amstrad CPC

The first game in the ‘Meurtres’ (‘Murders’) series by Bertrand Brocard – out of five – and published in French only.

The events take place aboard a TGV train – France’s high-speed rail transport running between Paris and Lyon. A high-ranking senator Albert Pérignac is found dead in one of the railway wagons – and as a private detective who happened to be onboard as well, we are entitled to solve the mystery before the train reaches its destination. Was it an accident, a suicide – or a murder, perhaps a political one?

The graphics are very simple: in the upper left section of the screen we see a schematic layout of a railway car we are currently in, viewed top down, with our protagonist being indicated by an ‘X’; below appears a text description, and to the right – portraits of a few passengers and staff members we are able to speak to. As with other games in ‘Murders’ series, the major feature of this mystery game is a collection of ‘feelies’ included: there is a dozen of ‘clues’ – mostly different notes and pieces of paper – that are to be studied ‘in real life’ when found in the game in their virtual form.


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