Mickey Mouse: The Computer Game
Amstrad CPC

You know that castle thingy that you see on the titles of The Wonderful World of Disney, the one that looks all peaceful an’ everythin’? Well, all is not as it seems. Inside the tower Mickey is fighting for peace, justice and the American way. Merlin the magician has had his magic wand stolen by the evil Ogre King. The wand has been split into four pieces and given to witches at the top of the towers in the castle. The ogre has put ghosties and ghoulies and things in the towers to try and stop you from getting the wand back together, but you are armed with a squirt gun and a hammer to deal with them. Eventually you just seal up the doors and stop them from emerging. This is done by entering a series of sub-games: The Puddle Maze, The bubble Machine, The Pump Room and The Dripping Taps. At the top of each tower is a guardian thingie that must be shot in the head to retrieve a piece of the wand. In my experience, cartoon character licences very rarely make good computer games, but I’m glad to say that the most famous of them all has managed to keep his reputation by spawning a cracker of a game. The graphics are nicely detailed and coloured, the ghostly music is more funny than spooky, creating exactly the right atmosphere to suit the already amusing gameplay – smacking teddy bears over the head is great fun.


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