Micro Mouse
Amstrad CPC

Micro Mouse is a top view maze game where the screen scrolls up or down when you move a robot to repair the circuits of a super computer. The powers-to-be who own the computer feel that it is a waste of time sending in trained engineers to solder broken parts of the circuit when small robots containing a cyber brain can do the job themselves. You have been tasked to train a robot in the shape of a mouse by moving the robot around the circuit manually, repairing broken sections so that it will learn the job in hand. To repair a broken section you must move over one of various red crosses containing solder tracks with a certain shape track appearing below the playing area. If you don’t require that shaped track then you move over the cross again until the track you need appears.

Once happy with the track, you then move to a broken part of the circuit and press fire. You then have to go back to a cross to collect another track to repair another broken part of the circuit. To make the job more interesting, you have placed various droids that move around the circuits and these must be avoided or your mouse loses part of a damage meter and when empty loses one of five lives. Another meter shows how much of the circuit is broken and when a part is repaired then this decreases but certain droids will break the circuit so this will decrease. Once the broken circuit meter is empty before a time limit reaches zero then you can move to the next part of the computer to a new broken circuit.


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