Amstrad CPC

Nibbler is a variant of Rock-Ola’s arcade game of the same name.

A cruel witch has turned everyone around her, including the player, into strange animals known as wondrous wurpels. In the garden of the witch there are many charms lying around and if these are collected the spell can be lifted. The player himself can’t move though, so he has to get help from a snake, Nibbler, who has to make his way through the nine sections of the garden and collect all the charms.

The game plays similar to Pac-Man albeit without any enemies that chases the player. For each level Nibbler has to collect most of the charms (a few can be left behind). The problem is that the snake grows every second, making things harder since it will lose a life if it collides with its own tail. A life is also lost if the snake stands still too long without moving. The game is over when all five lives are lost.


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