One Epic Game
PSP Minis

One Epic Game is an Infinity Runner video game developed by Czech company Grip Games. The game was released in 2011 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, IOS and Android. The game is parody for multiple video game and movie clichés.

The player controls an infinity running character. He can only jump or shoot. Jumping helps him avoid obstacles and traps while shooting kills enemies. Player can also kill enemies by jumping on their heads. There are multiple game modes in game. The main is story mode. There are missions with consistent story. There is a task in every mission (for example getting through 1000 metres, getting to finish with only one life or kill certain numbers of enemies). Every mission is set in one of five worlds – Zombie Outbreak, Nuclear Wasteland, World War II, Alien Invasion and Fantasy Kingdom. Story is told by comix scenes.

Another mode is Free Run. In this mode layer chooses a World and then tries to make the highest possible score.

The last mode is Challenges. Player chooses his task there and then he tries to fulfil it. He can also choose difficulty. For the lowest difficulty he gains bronze medal while for the hardest he gains gold medal.

There are multiple weapons in game. Player starts with Pistol. He can also take another weapon on his way, for example Shotgun, Machine gun, Rocket launcher, Flamethrower or Laser. Every weapon behaves differently. When a player is hurt he loses his gained weapon and has to fight with a pistol again. Player can always carry only one weapon. Player can also take Heart, that gives him life, or jetpack, that allows him to fly. There is a checkpoint at every 1000 metres.


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