Phileas Fogg’s Balloon Battles
Amstrad CPC

On the way trying to get round the world in 80 days, Mr Phileas Fogg has stopped to help the Allies against the enemy. To help, Phileas is going up in the air in his hot-air balloon and mapping the enemy territory as well as locating and bombing enemy shacks. Using High Pressure Thrust, the winds, hydrogen gas, and sandbags, Phileas can adjust his height and direction to map and bomb enemy shacks as well as avoiding obstacles and Musketeers firing cannons and muskets. The longer the day goes on and gets warmer the balloon rises and falls quicker.

Phileas Fogg’s Balloon Battles is top down multi-directional scrolling game. The player can steer the balloon and drop bombs and sandbags. As well as the main playing area the player can also see wind direction, bombs, sandbags, damage, lives, shacks to hit, and the score.


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