Planet Harriers

Planet Harriers is a rail shooter arcade game developed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega for Sega Hikaru hardware in 2000. It is an original entry in the Space Harrier series, and the first since Space Harrier II in 1988.
Planet Harriers is different from all other Space Harrier games, in that it has four selectable characters and is presented entirely in 3D. The players have health bars, and enemies can be locked onto similar to After Burner.
Planet Harriers uses a twin seated cabinet, which allows for two players to play simultaneous single-player games, or a networked two-player game. Control is through a joystick with a missile and bullet trigger, and view-change and bomb buttons on the main panel. A player may select one of four characters; Glenn, X, Cory or Nick. Gameplay involves the character flying from an into-the-screen perspective, shooting oncoming enemies and missiles. In a two player game, the two characters may ‘dock’ together in order to recover life.


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