Pocket Gal

The first Side Pocket title was released to the arcades in 1986. It was a good attempt, but didn’t get much attention.
Three years later Data East decided to improve its physics, revamp the audiovisual department, and even add some cute stripping anime girls to get our attention. The new product was renamed “Pocket Gal”, which together with its sequel “Pocket Gal DX” would become the most distributed video pool arcade cabinets.

As a very straight forward pool title, simplicity and addictiveness are its strong points.
The only available game mode is a “pocket” game, in which you play by yourself or against a friend trying to pocket 6 balls. Players start with only 4 cues (scratching or failing to pocket a ball substracts from your total cues, reaching 0 means game over), and different ball effects are available by pressing the second button and selecting it with the joystick.

Each of the 4 stages is hosted by a corresponding girl, who’s only function (not that I’m complaining) is to strip when the level is cleared. Additional points and shots can be gained by pocketing balls in order, in computer-predetermined pockets, clearing special bonus tricks between stages, etc.


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