Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling (プロレス, Puroresu) is a pro wrestling video game released originally for the Famicom Disk System in 1986 and in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was also released on the PlayChoice-10 arcade machine system in 1986. PlayChoice-10 consisted of games previously available only on the Nintendo home consoles. The games for this system are in the modular form of circuit boards which are plugged into one of the ten open slots on the PlayChoice-10’s motherboard.

Gameplay consists of the player choosing a character from a roster of six wrestlers, each with a unique set of wrestling moves. In addition to punching, kicking, and running attacks, wrestlers may “lock up” with each other to execute body slams, piledrivers, and other professional wrestling moves. Wrestlers are also able to climb the top two turnbuckles for additional high-flying attacks. Matches are one-on-one, with no option for tag team bouts. Downed opponents may be hauled up from the mat, allowing the opponent a window to execute additional attacks, or may be pinned instead. As in professional wrestling, a wrestler who is pinned for a three count loses the match. One-player matches are timed, with the match being declared a draw if no pinfall occurs within the five-minute time limit.


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