Professional Footballer
Amstrad CPC

Professional Footballer is a football managerial game where instead of managing a team you manage the career of one player in the four top English leagues, cups and European football. You first select your position, defender, attacker or forward before choosing your nationality and year of the start of your career. After your choices you are presented with the Main Menu with many options but only a small amount affect your game. You are randomly chosen a team to play for and you start in the 2nd team as a sub and your aim is to get to the 1st team and become a star player. You have the chance to speak to the manager to change your position or go on the transfer list.

You must train twice a week and each training session consists of two questions and four answers for each question about your reaction to certain situations in a match. Each answer has a percentage of the chances of the move being successful and how many stars you receive if it comes off, and you must answer before a timer bar empties. A successful move gives you the stars and a bar with sub danger, consistent, star player has the stars underneath. To get off the subs bench you need the stars in the consistent part of the bar and to move to the 1st team you need the stars in the star player part of the bar. Unsuccessful moves loses you stars.

Once you are happy with your choices, it’s off to the next game which is text only and any major incident appears when it happens. Like training you have the chance to play in the game by answering questions if you are involved in the move and you must choose an answer and hope that the move is successful. After the game the manager sometimes gives an opinion on you and it’s off to the Main Menu to prepare for the next game.


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