Amstrad CPC

Protector is a split-screen horizontal side-view shooter where one or two players try to carry supplies to their base before bombing the other players base to win the game. You are a trainee at the US Army Helicopter Training School based in Fort Rucker, and to graduate as a helicopter pilot you must complete this final mission. Scattered around the area are supplies, and flying left or right, you must take them one at a time back to your base while the other player does the same. your helicopter is armed with a 30mm gatling cannon, with limited ammo, to shoot the other player and you must keep an eye on your fuel levels as well. Landing on your base places any supplies carried and you can re-arm and re-fuel as well. If you are shot while carrying supplies then the supplies are dropped and you lose part of a damage gauge. If you run out of fuel, take too much damage or crash then you go back to your base. Once you have collected enough supplies then they turn into a bomb which needs carrying and dropped on the other players base to win the game. There are five skill levels to choose from (1-5).


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