Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary
PlayStation Portable

It’s Tournament Day at Primp Town Magic School! And the reward is fit for a true Puyo master – a special Puyo Medal that will grant the bearer a single specific wish of their choosing. All the Primp Town students are here and raring to go… But wait! What’s this? Six comets – and they look oddly familiar!

In Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary, 22 Puyo poppers (6 returning from the Compile Puyo series) gather to battle for Puyo bragging rights. For the most part, the game remains the same – match four Puyos in a row and swallow up your opponent in an avalanche of Nuisance Puyos. But the rules change each time you face a new opponent, with a series of new modes (plus the basic modes from the first two “Puyo” games and also from “Puyo Pop Fever”) ready to test your Puyo skills.

In addition to the traditional story mode, where a single player takes on 8 other characters in hopes of earning the medal, there is also the traditional battle mode, where up to 4 players (8 on the DS version) battle it out (by themselves or in teams) to the last.


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