Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo (ぷよぷよ, Puyo Puyo) is an enhanced version of the 1991 MSX2 and Famicom Disk System game of the same name. The game was developed for the Sega System C-2 arcade hardware and ported to a variety of consoles.

Unlike the MSX and Famicom versions of Puyo Puyo, this version focuses on competitive play, and thus replaces the Endless and Mission modes present in those games with Scenario. Scenario consists of a series of battles against AI opponents and includes Beginner mode, which gives the player three opponents unrelated to the main game, Normal mode, which features 13 characters, and Difficult mode, which automatically sends the player to the fourth battle of Normal. The object of the game is to fill up the opponent’s field by creating a combo of Puyo clears (also known as a “chain”); this will result in Nuisance Puyos being sent to the field of the opponent. As this game lacks the offset rule introduced in its immediate successor Puyo Puyo Tsu, the most optimal method of play is to make a five or six chain and wait out the opponent.


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