Puzzle De Bowling

Puzzle De Bowling is a puzzle game similar to Puzzle Bobble, but with a bowling theme. The object is to clear the round by making a combination of at least three pins of the same color. You earn bonus points for making bowling plays, such as a strike, spare, double or turkey. You can roll the ball straight up, or angle the shot various degrees in either direction. There’s also a power meter that increases with each group of pins cleared. Once it is full press down to use your special power, which is different for each of the 12 characters. The game offers three game modes: Puzzle, Vs CPU and Vs. Puzzle Mode presents you with increasingly complicated sets of pins to clear out and a time limit to do so, while in competitive modes you are playing against the CPU or another player to rack up the biggest combos possible to toss more pins onto their side and bury them.


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