Well, about Puzzled (known as Joy Joy Kid in Japan) I’d have to say that I’ve heard it called primitive, and it is, but that doesn’t detract from it. It looks like it could have been an old Genesis game and weighs in at a whopping 26 megs, the lowest meg count for a Neo Geo cart. But does that affect the quality of the game? Not really. It’s an interesting Tetris-like puzzle game with an different twist for a tetris look-a-like. The point of puzzled ISN’T to eliminate all of the lines, there’s a story here, and it explains the gameplay. It kind of goes like this: There was a village of men and a village of women and the two were always at war so the gods built a tower/wall between them so they couldn’t fight and so after a while both villages got tired of it, and sent a messenger, a boy from one and a girl from the other, in hot air balloons, to the top of the tower to petition the gods to remove the barrier between. That’s it.


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