Amstrad CPC

You are QUESTOR – and only you have The Power. The Power and the will to deliver your Kingdom from the evil Garr. For Garr would destroy all that stands between himself and domination. But you are strong with The Power. You can use The Power and enter where fear defeats the weak spirit. In the service of your master you must enter The Catacombs of Garr and face the dangers within. For it is your destiny that you have been chosen to locate the daughter of The Nawab and free her from the terrors of the darkness. Use your Power wisely for you mind is a weapon – fight when you must – hide when you can – but find The Key and Garr will be destroyed. A fully animated Arcade Adventure, Questor will test the mind as well as your reflexes. You are placed in a world which you must explore and map if you are to stand any chance of success. Locations are reproduced in stunning full colour graphics and new dangers are waiting around every corner. Expect the unexpected!


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