Peter Scott, the wizard of arcade adventures, presents his first all-action shoot ’em up! You control AL, the globular droid, in a revenge mission against the eight rebellious planets of the Ryvian system. Beware the electric spikes on the surface of the planet, avoid the evil aliens disguised as cuddly computer characters. Collect the laser weapons and bombs as they float past, otherwise you won’t survive the hazardous conditions on the planet surface. Ransack is a high-speed arcade extravaganza that will test your skill and reactions to the limit!”

“We want revenge!” – that was the surprising decision of the Democratic Council of Planets, normally a friendly bunch of well-meaning but ineffectual representatives.

The Ryvian system of planets had refused to pay its share of the council budget, and then had the nerve to eat the council representative sent to negotiate with them! So, reluctantly, the council invoked the so-called ‘Ransack’ clause, which allowed them to punish defaulters. Unfortunately, due to the budget shortfall they could not afford to send a battle fleet, only a second-hand and somewhat battered “Al” (artificial lifeform – the words “Robot” and “Droid” are regarded as discriminatory, and are no longer used).


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