Reckless Rufus
Amstrad CPC

Admiral Greave has caught Rufus hiding on the Astro Cruiser heading for Earth. To stay on the ship Rufus has to earn his keep so he is beamed down to the planet Killey to collect rare crystals. Once enough crystals have been collected then Rufus can get back on board and go to Earth. There are 5 crystals a level to collect.

Problem is Killey is a very hostile planet with only blocks to step on as well as the inhabitants not being very welcoming. To aid him, Rufus has a gun but only limited ammo. To move about a level Rufus can step on a block with a number. This allows Rufus to move onto empty spaces for the amount that is on the block. As well as blocks with crystals on there are various other blocks that can aid or hinder Rufus.

Reckless Rufus is a puzzle game with each level being shown from above on one screen. The joystick moves Rufus and moving the joystick while pressing fire, fires his weapon in that direction. As well as the main playing area you can also see your score, ammo, lives and how many crystals collected.


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