Rik the Roadie
Amstrad CPC

You are Rik, roadie to the world famous pop group, “Alternative Rock”. In order for Alternative Rock to stay popular, you, as their roadie, must get all their equipment to the gig, take it into the hall, and set up the sound levels before the gig starts. Get to the gig as quickly as possible, avoiding all oncoming traffic. Hitting anything will cost you time, as your van is repaired. Once you are at the gig, you have to carry the equipment from the van into the hall. As amplifiers and speakers are very heavy, you cannot hold them for very long. Move as fast as possible before your endurance runs out, and you drop the very heavy (and expensive) equipment. Next you have to set up the power levels. Too low, and the audience cannot hear the group Too high, and the fuses blow. Keep the levels in the red, and as soon as the optimum level is reached, the next sound channel is automatically selected. Once all four channels have been set, you can sit back, relax and watch your group perform live on stage. Then you have to transport the equipment to the next gig, with less time to complete it in.


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