Riot is a 3rd person action game similar to Cabal. The player controls the hero as well as a crosshair to aim and shoot enemies. The central gameplay mechanic is that the player has two fire buttons, one to shoot into the background and another to shoot into the foreground. Enemies will pop up around the player, front and back, so he must aim and fire accordingly.

One or two players must shoot their way through 6 rounds of various enemies such as grunt soldiers, sword fighters, helicopters and jeeps. Shoot the occasional flying red propeller bomb for power-ups which include a grenade launcher, flame thrower, rapid fire, shotgun, health or a 1-up. The action moves through a city in ruins, the jungle, underground lairs, on top of a train, through an industrial site, flying above a city in a helicopter, through a department store and inside the final boss’s lair. At the end of each round there is an end boss which transports the fight into another dimension. Some of the end bosses are inspired by pop-culture characters, like Yoda, Thor and The Rocketeer.


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