Space Empires II
Windows 3

Space Empires is a series of galactic conquest and turn-based strategy games created by Malfador Machinations in the 90’s.

The first game, released in 1993, was an indie competitor to the more well-known Master of Orion. Instead of coming out for MS-DOS, the game was developed for Windows 3.X using native UI tools and elements. Space Empires II was released in 1995 and introduced several improvements.

One of the best aspects of this 4x strategy game is the ability to design your ships, choosing from different hulls, weapons, shields and other devices. Once you advance through technology, new systems will become available allowing to update your designs. You’ll need to explore the galaxy, discovering and colonizing new planets in order to acquire enough resources, while competing against many hostile A.I. or human factions along the way.


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