Striker Pro 2000

UEFA Striker, renamed Striker Pro 2000 for a North American audience and Super Euro Soccer 2000 (スーパーユーロサッカー2000) for Japan, is a football game for the Sega Dreamcast. European soccer game based around the UEFA license. Effectively a merger between Rage software’s Striker franchise and playstation/dreamcast evolution with Infogrames’ UEFA license.

Striker Pro 2000 features nine mode of play, including Knockout, Super Trophy, and International Cup. Training modes are here as well allowing users to take part in soccer drills and win access to secret competitions and modes. There are 130 teams to choose from and they can be edited in areas like player names and sock color. Players can perform all of the moves that real soccer players can too, such as bicycle kicks, diving headers, sliding shots, and tackles.


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