Stunt Car Racer
Atari ST

In a departure from typical racing games, in Stunt Car Racer the player is racing upon an elevated race track with a variety of ‘stunt’ elements. Typical stunts include gaps to jump, sharp humps to navigate and loops to loop. The player must not only stay on the track itself whilst beating his opponent in the race, he also has to ensure he doesn’t do too much structural damage to his racing car – by falling off the track or landing too hard after going too high over the humps, etc. This damage is indicated by cracks which appear in the frame of the car and if too much damage is done the race is immediately lost.

The game operates a league table, split into four divisions. Each race consists of 3 laps, the driver with the fastest lap gains one point and the overall winner of the race gains two points. At the end of each season the top driver in the league is promoted to the next division and the lowest ranked driver is relegated to the division one tier down.

In the Atari ST version it is possible to play with another human player using another computer via a null modem connection.


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