Triple Decker 5

Bandits have been raiding the planet M101/3, which must be protected at all costs. You are on your last mission. A one way trip to fame and glory. Shoot down as many raiders as you can before your ship runs out of energy. The further away a ship is when you hit it, the more points you get. Your laser uses up large amounts of power so try not to miss. If they get too close, they will fire proton torpedos which further drain your energy.

You are on a dangerous mission flying deep into enemy territory. Your task is to destroy as many enemy fighters and missiles as possible. Your aircraft is fitted with Mk 7 missiles which are capable of turning enemy aircraft into fireballs on contact.
Be careful though, as one touch from any alien object and your ship will be destroyed!

Karate Warrior
A two player karate combat game. You have four separate moves: Flying Kick, Floor Sweep, High Kick and Backwards Leap. Use these moves to attack your opponent and knock him to the floor.ser) and Starfight (Electron User)


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