Atari ST

Once again, Earth is in peril. A robot race, the Myrons, put an energy layer over the planet with the goal to cause a climatic disaster. The player mans the Sunburst, a modern space ship, to fetch technicians with the means to disable the layer. Unfortunately he has to cross ten hostile planets…

Warp is a shooter which scrolls in all directions. The goal is to destroy the anti-warp generator of each world, but first their protection shields have to be disabled. This is done by destroying all power plants. Of course there is also a lot of resistance by enemies which try to deplete the Sunburst’s protection shields (reaching zero results in a life loss). Those can be dealt with by shooting them with one of the two laser beams with different power and energy consumption.

Weapons and shields are powered by different energy pools, but the player can redistribute the energy among them. Energy can be replenished and a map of the level can be displayed by flying near certain buildings.


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