Wedding Dash
Nintendo DS

Wedding Dash is a strategy casual video game by PlayFirst. It was released on October 18, 2007 as a spin-off to the highly successful Diner Dash series of games. The player plays as Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner. In every level the player assists the couple in selecting all the details such as the food, the honeymoon etc. Once the couple has taken their vows, the player has to look out for obstacles that can wreck their perfect wedding party. There are two modes in this game, similar to Diner Dash: “Career Mode” and “Endless Reception”. In Career Mode, the player must pay attention to their clients’ wishes (the bride and groom) for the food, honeymoon destination, flowers and cake. The wedding planner (Quinn) must also prevent the bride and groom from seeing any of the disasters that could or are happening at the wedding. In the Endless Reception mode, the player can make the reception last as long as possible without the bride getting angry and turning into a bridezilla. Once the bride turns into bridezilla, the game ends.


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