Weetabix Versus The Titchies

In the 1980s, breakfast cereal manufacturer, Weetabix created a British TV advertising campaign for their cereal, turning the Weetabix biscuits into characters called Dunk, Bixie, Crunch, Brains and Brian. This led to a computer game starring Dunk and his mission is to destroy all the Titchies who have set out to destroy the biscuits themselves. Based on Space Invaders, the game is a single screen shooter viewed from the side with Dunk on the bottom of the screen and the Titchies at the top in formation. The Titchies mainly stay in formation but will occasionally move about the screen elsewhere.

Moving left or right, Dunk has to collect a Weetarocket and fire it upwards to remove a Titchie while avoiding the bolts dropped from above. If Dunk is about to get hit by a bolt then he can make his Weet Force Shield appear to remove the bolt. The shield will always appear if a bolt is close to Dunk but if he doesn’t make it appear himself then this drains his Neet Weet Energy. Moving about the screen and using rockets also drains his energy and lose it all and it is game over. Once all Titichies have been destroyed then it is onto the next harder and faster level. There are five levels in total and any of these can be selected before the start of the game.


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