New ZX81 game, Valley of the Kings, with Chroma and Zonx support

Bukster Games have created a new ZX81 game, which runs on an expanded 16K machine. If you have a Chroma Interface, you can see the game in colour, and if you have a Zonk Sound Interface, you can have sound too!

Buckster says:

The game uses a unique 3D rendering system which allows the computer to draw, scale and rotate images. You can look and walk around a 360 degree 3D landscape and pick up items. The game consists of three rounds each of which have three stages, a treasure stage where you steal the Pharaoh’s treasure, a chicken stage where you steal his chickens with each round ending in a unique Pharaoh’s challenge where you have to atone for stealing from the mighy Pharaoh. Each stage has a randomly drawn mountain range in the background. Unlike 3D Skeleton Maze, this program uses shape tables to draw the graphics. This was much more memory efficient and allowed for a great many more types of treasure and guardians than was possible in 3D Skeleton Maze.

You can see the game in the video below:

You can download the game from here. (Note, couldn’t get it to work in ClockSignal, but worked fine in ZEsarUX)

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